Minecraft Server 1.9

A server for Minecraft that enables users to access Multiplayer features and compete or co-op with their friends

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Minecraft is an indie game that has exploded in popularity since its release in 2009. Published by Mojang, Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players can construct and build devices, as well as mine like the title suggests. The world of Minecraft is populated by billions of blocks. Each textured cube can be mined or used to construct buildings. Players can play solo in survival mode or creative mode. In multi-player mode, the player must log in to a server in order to interact with others.

In a unique twist, Minecraft does not have a set of instructions. Players find tools by combining blocks to discover unique combinations. The player starts with no inventory, and must find tools, build shelter and find food before night falls and monsters start to attack. Other players have created a vast amount of online resources filled with tips and hints for success as well as how to use multiple player game servers and mods that expand and change the overall game experience.

The Minecraft server allows players to experience the game together. They can bond together in groups to construct large objects like castles, spaceships and whole cities. They can keep each other safe when fighting the end boss, and they can group up to explore large areas of the game. Many players construct complex mazes, game areas and other unique player-created worlds that multiple players can experience. Multiplayer worlds require a server to save the world and player constructions. Without a server, players would be unable to play together, but the multiplayer world must have a central save and play location. In addition, the Minecraft server must be configured before use. After downloading Minecraft server, users must check the firewall settings, then open the client and connect to the server that has just been created.

The Good

Minecraft Server lets the player enjoy a fun indie game with all of his or her friends in the same multi-player world. Friends can join the same server and create ongoing stories in a complex world of their own creation. For anyone with server experience, the flexible options make it a great choice for Minecraft multiplayer worlds.

The Cons

Minecraft Server is extremely complex to set up on a computer and requires time to learn. It does not come with instructions, so the game is probably not for novices who like to have a tutorial handy. Minecraft also takes a lot of resources to run if there are many players on the same server. A strong computer is recommended for running the server, but other players will not have a problem joining the world if their computers are up to the task.

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